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#19: Add support for k-cores
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Comment(by DarkSteel ):

 The rationale behind the Canonical [http://cipochka049.co.cc] Protocol
 pattern is very much fundamental to the actual reason behind adopting an
 SOA: designing solution logic in the form of interoperable services that
 can be repeatedly composed and is further linked with the increased ROI
 goal of SOA. This means that a prerequisite for service reuse is the
 ability for the services to be able to communicate with each other without
 requiring a bridging mechanism. Although the use of bridging technology
 makes a service available for reuse over a set of different communication
 protocol(s), such [http://cipochka050.co.cc] reuse is totally dependent
 upon the limitations of the bridging technology, for example, the types of
 protocol transformations that a bridging technology supports. Apart from
 this, the introduction of a protocol bridging layer introduces latency and
 processing overhead.

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