[graph-tool-tickets] [graph-tool] Ticket #85: Compile problem on Ubuntu

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Mon Jan 9 21:34:14 UTC 2012

#85: Compile problem on Ubuntu
new defect
Reporter: gamma2 at users.sourceforge.net
Owner: tiago peixoto
Priority: normal
Milestone: (None)
I just compiled the source on Ubuntu, but I had to add

#include <boost/unordered_map.hpp>

in source/graph/gml.hh because the make process raised the following error:

In file included from graph_io.cc:38:0:
gml.hh:202:5: error: ‘unordered_map’ does not name a type
...more type definitions and errors relative to the previous line...

Please check if the problem is relative to graph_tool or boost includes, otherwise I should check my configuration.

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