[graph-tool-tickets] [graph-tool] Ticket #146: graph-tool 2.2.26 doesn't compile with "clang-3.3 -stdlib=libc++"

graph-tool webmaster at skewed.de
Wed Dec 4 21:17:43 UTC 2013

#146: graph-tool 2.2.26 doesn't compile with "clang-3.3 -stdlib=libc++"
closed defect
Reporter: Mark.Moll at gmail.com
Owner: tiago peixoto
Priority: normal
Milestone: 2.2

Comment (by Mark.Moll at gmail.com):

The example code works fine for me on 10.9. Mixing and matching C++ libraries is a bad idea as you have found and hard to avoid. There is a related discussion about this going on on the MacPorts development mailing list:http://www.mail-archive.com/macports-dev@lists.macosforge.org/msg25056.html. I don't have access to a 10.8 machine, so I can't test whether the MacPorts version of graph-tool works on 10.8. It might, since MacPorts tends to sandbox things more than HomeBrew does.
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