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Mon Jun 9 13:07:54 UTC 2014

#156: OpenMP problem in katz and pagerank
reopened enhancement
Reporter: anonymous
Owner: tiago peixoto
Priority: normal
Milestone: 2.2

Comment (by td):

Hi peixoto,

This is interesting. I tried your suggestion. It indeed worked well in terms of balancing the threads. I can see all of them at 100% now, on the 4CPU machine.

Although... the computation is MUCH slower!


- ''Unmodified'': 57 iterations, **12s** compute time (for some reason it's faster than before (18s) - I guess the machine had some side workload before (or might have been swapping))
- ''Modified'': 57 iterations, **~19s** compute time

I tested several times. And I also tested giving its process a "niceness" value of -19 to be sure it's the main CPU process. 
None of those run swapped, plenty of memory was still available.

I am not quite sure what's going on here.
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