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#177: person in question, McDaniels was far from flattered.
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He dropped them all with careful, precise shots. When the last one hit the pavement, its
fingertips brushed the toe of his [http://Erinjgz.Wordpress.com/2014/05/28/invest-banking-with-out-the-risks-of-a-bullish-market-in-2014/ left boot]. McDaniels looked down at the corpse through his night
[http://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/simple-one-stop-pushing-processing-for-nantucket-photographers/ vision goggles].
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A sudden explosion of gunfire from the rear of the van captured his attention. He remained
where he was, keeping watch over the front right corner of the van as the tow truck continued to bash
its way through the traffic that choked the intersection.
"Leary was right, major. There are more zeds down this way," Gartrell said over the radio. He
wasn't kidding. No sooner had the first sergeant's words filtered into his ears through the radio
headset he wore, [http://julesjacobs49.edublogs.org/2014/05/28/the-economics-of-middle-class-warfare/ McDaniels] saw yet another gaggle of zombies approaching the van, moving amidst
the abandoned vehicles choking Second Avenue.
"Leary, this is Six. Watch out for the zeds at your three o'clock position, over."
"Roger that, Six. I don't intend to stop moving long enough for them to get to me, over."
"Finelly, you have activity on your side of the vehicle? Over."
"Roger that, major, got stenches all over the place, just ranging them out now..." An MP5 spoke
from the other side of the van, and McDaniels gathered that Finelly had gotten a bead on his [http://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/simple-one-stop-pushing-processing-for-nantucket-photographers/ targets]
and was servicing them with all possible dispatch. He raised his M4 to his shoulder and started
plinking away at the advancing zombies on his side of the vehicle while they were still among the
cars on Second Avenue. He was able to terminate almost all of them before they mounted the

"Gartrell, Rittenour, any sign of OMEN? Over," he asked as he took care of the remaining zeds.
"Negative, no contact. Which is a little spooky. Over."
"Roger that."
"Major, route is clear, you'd better get on it." Gunfire came from the other side of the
intersection, and McDaniels looked away from his work long enough to see Leary firing his pistol at a
group of walking dead on the eastern corners of 79th and Second. He saw figures moving along the
tow truck's bed.
"Leary! You have zeds on your vehicle!"
"I know that, major. Can't do anything about them right this second. I'll see you guys at the other
intersection, and maybe you can help clean them off. Over."
With that, the big [http://erinjgz.Wordpress.com/ blue NYPD] tow truck charged down 79th Street, heading for the next
intersection. It left a cloud of foul-smelling diesel exhaust floating in the air behind, and the sudden
pungency of the scent was surprising to McDaniels.
"Team, mount up!" he shouted, and the soldiers returned to the waiting van. As he hauled himself
into the front passenger seat and slammed the door shut, Finelly chased Earl out of the driver's seat.
"Thanks for keeping the seat warm," Finelly said.
"Man, you're lucky it ain't wet," Earl said.
"Go, Finelly!" McDaniels said once Gartrell and Rittenour were aboard. Finelly stomped on the
accelerator, and the van bounced slightly as it drove over several bodies. Many of them were still
"Major McDaniels?" It was Regina Safire, from the rear of the van.
"Go, Miss Safire. How is Derwitz doing?"
"I'm... I'm afraid he's dead, major. He's... he bled out. There was no way I could stop the
bleeding. His femoral artery had retracted back into his leg, and I have nothing I could have used to
cut open the thigh to find it and clamp it." She stopped for a long moment, then added, "I'm terribly

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