[graph-tool] Keyserver OK?

Tiago de Paula Peixoto tiago at skewed.de
Fri Mar 14 00:00:41 CET 2014

On 03/13/2014 09:55 AM, Tim Day wrote:
> I'm having problems accessing the keyfile for the Debian/Ubuntu packages via the link on the download page:
>   http://pgp.skewed.de:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x612DEFB798507F25
> gets me an "unable to connect" page in Firefox.
> I can ping pgp.skewed.de <http://pgp.skewed.de> fine.
> Just me?  (I'm travelling at the moment, I don't think the internet here is blocking any ports but not sure how to tell for sure).
> Can the keyfile be obtained through any other public keyservers?  (I did try searching the PGP Global Directory for 98507F25 but no joy).
> Thanks for any info/help

Thanks for the heads-up... There seems to be a database problem with the
keyserver. I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

In the meantime you can get the key from any other keyserver. E.g.:



Tiago de Paula Peixoto <tiago at skewed.de>

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