[graph-tool] Load graph from csv

kenanh kenanhuremovic at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 18:08:22 CEST 2015


I'm loading directed weighted graph from csv file into graph-tool graph
graph. The organization of the input csv file is:


Where the fist two entries of a line identify source and target of an edge
and the third number is the weight of the edge.

Currently I'm using:

import csv
g = gt.Graph()
e_weight = g.new_edge_property("float")
f_network = open(in_file_directory+ '/'+network_input, 'r')
reader_network = csv.reader(f_network, delimiter=delimiter)
for edge in reader_network:
     e = g.add_edge(int(edge[0]), int(edge[1]))
     e_weight[e] = float(edge[2])

However it takes quite long to load the data (I have network of 10 millions
of nodes). I have tried to make it faster by using g.add_edge_list, but this
works only for unweighted graphs. Any suggestion how to make it faster?

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