[graph-tool] Regarding the reliability of graph tool for research applications

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Thanks Frank for your detailed reply.

Glad to know that there is a good user-base and supporting community around Python-graph tool. Never intended to question the hard-work went behind creation of such an awesome tool. Would like to apologize if it felt so.

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Hello Vineesh,
I am sorry to hear that you have installation problems with graph-tool. It seems a bit harsh towards the hard-working creator of graph-tool to question the feasibility of a software package for doing PhD research, based on the fact that you lack the necessary skills to install the package.
Graph-tool is a great package for network analysis and is more efficient than most (all?) other out-of-the-box network analysis packages that I know. 
I use it extensively for my research and at my university I have had the package installed by the system administration on all student machines. A number of bachelor and master students use the package from home or from their own machines throughout my social network analysis course.
Installation requires one to follow a number of steps that should be easy for anyone with basic knowledge of Linux and how to install software under that operating system, requiring one to know only a little bit more than "sudo apt-get install PackageX" under Ubuntu. In any case, if you are doing PhD research, and need graph-tool, meaning you somehow want to do large-scale network analysis, basic Linux skills are likely much welcome and worth spending a few weeks learning.
Good luck,
Kind regards,

2016-06-28 7:45 GMT+02:00 vineesh vs <shopping_vineeshvs at outlook.com>:

Dear all,

I have been trying to install graph tool for past 2 days. Have met with many errors in installing it and its dependencies (still solving). Also I have seen many errors posted by the community regarding the usage of package.

I was planning to use it for my  research work since the tools seems promising. But it might take some time to change to another graph tool if I find out at a later stage that there are too many bugs in Python-graph tool and is not yet ready to relied on for a Ph.D level work.

Hence I would really like to hear from the people who have used this tool for some work before I begin.

Thanks a lot.


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