[graph-tool] Local Clustering Coefficient for k<=1

Tiago de Paula Peixoto tiago at skewed.de
Wed Oct 19 16:41:02 CEST 2016

On 19.10.2016 12:45, P-M wrote:
> If I now however type `print max(clust_k_hist[0])` I get an answer of `2`
> which surprises me slightly (similarly for `k=1` I get a value of `2`).
> Firstly I wasn't expecting a clustering coefficient greater than `1` but
> also for a degree of `0` I would expect to find only clustering coefficients
> of `0`. The documentation states that the outdegree is being used in
> calculating the local clustering coefficient so I am using the outdegree for
> compiling the histogram.
> Have I gone wrong somewhere?

Is your graph really directed? I.e. what does g.is_directed() say?

Tiago de Paula Peixoto <tiago at skewed.de>

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