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Thais GOMES ALMEIDA tga at icomp.ufam.edu.br
Mon Feb 20 19:14:58 CET 2017

Hi Tiago,

I'm working with some centrality measures provide by graph_tool and I have
some questions:

*Does the 'trust_map' parameter of the eigentrust centrality function refer
to the edges' weight?*
In the example present in the docs, it was used the edges' weight as value
to 'trust_map', but in the parameters' description was said that this
parameter refers to 'Edge property map with the values of trust associated
with each edge. The values must lie in the range [0,1]."

*Why are my values of authority and hub centrality equal?*
I'm getting the same values for authority and hub centrality.
v_id            hub                    authority
1,     0.401326450573,  0.401326450573
2,     0.614525497348,    0.614525497348

*Code:g.vp.authority = g.new_vertex_property("double")g.vp.hub =
g.new_vertex_property("double")eig, g.vp.authority, g.vp.hub =
graph_tool.centrality.hits(g, weight = g.ep.edge_weight)*

Thais Almeida.
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