[graph-tool] About speed, epsilon and wait

Davide Cittaro cittaro.davide at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 11:29:09 CET 2020

Hi all, 
I'm trying to figure out a decent set of parameters to achieve a good trade-off between speed and accuracy. 
On my data, default parameters make comuputation times extremely long (especially compared to other community finding approaches), but we have noticed looking at the log that even 100 consecutive iterations without record breaking are quite rare, would it be reasonable to set wait=100, possibly increasing nbreaks, then? 
Also, are "wait" parameter and "niter" passed to mcmc_args somehow related, in the sense that it could be opportune to increase one and decrease the other or should be they considered independent? Reading the older posts I've found there's an "epsilon" parameter which could be tuned in order to converge faster, and we are definitely trying to increase it (1e-3, to start). I've noticed another epsilon in hierarchy_minimize() parameters, is that expected to influence speed as well?
I may have additional questions on specific parameters (such as d and c) but I guess I can save them for another post.


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