[graph-tool] Stochastic Blockmodeling Result: Vertex and Edge colors

Paul Jung pjung1 at uncc.edu
Fri Jan 17 04:56:18 CET 2020


I think I am having the same problem recently risen. I was just wondering
how I can access to the color tuples of the given mapping (draw) results.
Given that:

>>> g = gt.collection.data["celegansneural"]>>> state = gt.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(g, deg_corr=True)>>> gt.draw_hierarchy(state, output="celegansneural_nested_mdl.pdf")

I want to use the color codes of blocks (vertex) and edges for another
mapping. Any ideas?

*Paul H. Jung*
PhD Candidate in Geography & Urban Regional Analysis
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223
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