[graph-tool] mixed-membership SBM in graph-tool?

sam sam.gyetvay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 05:34:08 CET 2020


i think i understand the difference between the overlapping SBM and
mixed-membership SBM (introduced by Airoldi et al, 2009).

in MMSBM, a given node can be in multiple blocks, their membership is
discrete (0-1)

in overlapping SBM, a given node can also be a member of multiple blocks,
but it with some probability (i.e., node v is in block B1 with probability
1/2, block B2 with probability 2/3, and all other blocks with probability

is there any way to implement MMSBM in graph-tool?

also, slightly unrelated, is there any way to fit a hierarchical model with
2 levels where the top level is overlapping and the bottom level is not?


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