[graph-tool] get_hierarchy_control_points return values

AntoineR antoine.regimbeau at ls2n.fr
Mon Nov 30 19:51:34 CET 2020

Ok, but then I should be able to find the edge's target position in the
points generated by the the function get_hierarchy_control_points right? If
it is not the last two components of the vector (boundary condition?) it
should at the position [-4:-3]?
If I understand correctly what you said, from the function
get_hierarchy_control_points I should get n*(6 components) I got n*(6
components)+2. The last two are not used because there are boundary
conditions (I do not get this but I need to read the paper you are citing,
and I cannot access it right now because I cannot reach sci hub...). The 6
components are from the 3 points, 2 intermediates, 1 finale. The finale is
the target right? So for get_hierarchy_control_points each [6n+4:6n+5]
coordinates are coordinates of a target in the hierarchical graph. But the
very last coordinates is the edge's target, isn't it?

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