[graph-tool] graph-tool memory usage

nikhrao nikhrao at umich.edu
Mon Feb 8 23:14:29 CET 2021

Hi all,

I'm a current R-igraph user trying to understand the feasibility of
switching to graph-tool. I have some memory constraints on the server I'm
using and I'm trying to understand how graph-tool operates.

The performance comparison documentation says the following: "Graph-tool's
performance comes at the cost of increased time and memory required during
compilation. This is mostly due to the in-place graph filtering
functionality..". Since filtering seems to me to be a chiefly
visualization-related task, does graph-tool typically require large amounts
of RAM due to filtering only for visualization, but not for other tasks? Or
is it the case that filtering is continually occurring under the hood and
hence graph-tool uses large amounts of memory in general? 


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