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Alexandre Hannud Abdo abdo at member.fsf.org
Mon Feb 8 23:46:36 CET 2021

Ni! Hi Nikhrao,

Please note that the phrase you've extracted contains the words «during
compilation» while you seem to be talking about runtime memory usage.

Runtime memory usage will depend on the algorithm you'll be running and
choices of the implementation, as there's often a tradeoff between memory
usage and speed.

You can count that graph-tool strikes a good balance that will serve most
scenarios, and in some cases there are parameters to adjust for extreme
situations. Having never used igraph, I'd assume it strives for a similar

I strongly recommend you to try it yourself on your actual use case.
Otherwise, you'd have to provide much more detail about it for us to give
you a theoretical answer that won't be worth as much as simply running the
algorithm you want on the kind of data you expect to treat.

Now, if you just want a "general idea" about memory consumption, I
personally see no technical reason to expect big differences when comparing
algorithms supported by both libraries.


On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 11:14 PM nikhrao <nikhrao at umich.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a current R-igraph user trying to understand the feasibility of
> switching to graph-tool. I have some memory constraints on the server I'm
> using and I'm trying to understand how graph-tool operates.
> The performance comparison documentation says the following: "Graph-tool's
> performance comes at the cost of increased time and memory required during
> compilation. This is mostly due to the in-place graph filtering
> functionality..". Since filtering seems to me to be a chiefly
> visualization-related task, does graph-tool typically require large amounts
> of RAM due to filtering only for visualization, but not for other tasks? Or
> is it the case that filtering is continually occurring under the hood and
> hence graph-tool uses large amounts of memory in general?
> Thanks!
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